Where Can I Find Free Online Christian Counseling Courses?


Do you enjoy helping others? Do friends, family members and fellow churchgoers seek your advice? Free online Christian counseling courses are available to practicing clergy, theologians and individuals who want to learn more about the field. These classes allow you to explore the foundations, applications and outcomes of Christian counseling methodologies at your own pace, free of charge. Read on to find out more.

Where Can I Find Free Online Christian Counseling Courses?

1. Biblical Directionism Counseling at Master's International School of Divinity

This course presents the Bible as a basis for providing psychological counseling. A 5-step, scripture-based counseling methodology is covered. You won't receive college credit for this course, although it is part of a tuition-free Biblical Counseling Certificate of Completion program available from the school. This course also won't provide you with the sort of training that is required to become a professionally licensed counselor; it's mainly for personal enrichment.

What Will I Learn?

You'll compare Christian counseling and Biblical counseling methods, and you'll learn how various counseling models are developed. You'll also learn how to gather data from a counselee and apply the five-step counseling model.

What Materials Are Included?

You need to have a Bible on hand during the course. Otherwise, study materials are easily accessed on the Master's International School of Divinity website. Materials consist of audio highlights - which can be downloaded and played via Windows Media Player - and seven chapters of online instruction in the Biblical Directionism counseling model.

What Assignments Will I Complete?

This course features self-correcting exams at the end of each chapter. You should take these multi-question tests if you are taking this class to earn the Certificate of Completion.

2. The Bible As The Inerrant Guide for Mankind at Master's International School of Divinity

Is the Bible a kind of handbook for the human psyche? You'll delve into this topic during this class, which also attempts to answer the question of the Bible's authenticity. This course is completely self-contained and self-paced; you won't interact with an instructor or classmates.

What Will I Learn?

This course discusses the validity of the Bible, the reality of God and the scholarly and scientific debate surrounding these subjects. Opinions of theologians, professors and other preeminent thinkers are presented.

What Materials Are Provided?

The course is presented in the form of a downloadable textbook in Microsoft Word format. The only other required text is a copy of the Bible. Written exercises based on the course chapters allow you to further explore and understand key messages.

3. The Biblical Foundation for Mental Health from the Master's International School of Divinity

How can somebody use the Bible as a basis to counsel individuals and address their psychological issues? During this 6-part course, you will explore the concept of sanctification as a foundation for Christian counseling. This course doesn't address the treatment of serious mental disorders - and it is no substitute for the professional training needed to become a licensed healthcare provider - but it may help you give better advice to a fellow churchgoer.

What Will I Learn?

You'll cover topics like sin, grace and sanctification. You'll learn how a cooperative effort between God and an individual can facilitate the counseling process. Scriptural examples are used throughout to reinforce Christian concepts. End of chapter questions help you assess your understanding of the material.

What Materials Are Provided?

You can access all of the necessary materials for this course through the school's website. The school also provides a web link to helpful Bible study tools which can aid your learning.