How Do I Become a Ballet Teacher?

Learn the education and teaching requirements to become a ballet teacher. Find out about the skills, degrees and admission requirements. Schools offering Teaching & Learning degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Ballet Teacher Requirements

Whether or not you need a college degree to teach ballet depends on where you plan to work. If you wish to teach in a studio, usually performance experience is the only requirement. This is also true if you plan to teach in a recreational program.

However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that if you want to teach in an accredited school, whether it is an elementary school, high school or college, you will probably need a college degree in dance or ballet ( Some post-secondary jobs will require a graduate degree. Classes focused on teaching ballet, referred to as ballet pedagogy, are a part of ballet degree programs. Some schools offer an emphasis on pedagogy within the program.

Master's Programs

Master's programs in ballet often have concentrations in pedagogy, too. The primary value of having a master's degree is to enable you to teach in universities. However, some programs focus more on preparing you to teach in community outreach programs, conservatories or private studios. These programs may also include courses in arts management to enable you to expand your employment opportunities.

There are master's programs which emphasize performance or choreography. However, even these programs may have teaching assistantships or apprenticeships in teaching positions.

College Admission Requirements

A fair amount of experience is needed even to enter a college dance program. At least one school requires you to have had ballet training for a minimum of five days every week during high school. Admission requirements for all ballet degree programs include an audition. There may be very strict rules for the audition, including the kind of attire you wear. You will likely need to demonstrate the established classical barre and center exercises. Women usually must also illustrate several pointe work combinations. You may also be expected to turn in a DVD of yourself doing a solo dance modification of the approved classical routines.

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