What Are Some U.S. Schools that Offer Upholstery Classes?

Upholsterers are a vital part of the furniture-making and repair industry. Upholstering is the craft of using cloth and other materials to cover parts of manufactured furniture such as sofas and chairs to make them more attractive and comfortable. Since much of the furniture-manufacturing business is located in the southern United States, many of the schools that offer upholstery-related classes are in this region. Continue reading for information about a select few. Schools offering Automobile Repair degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

San Diego Community College

San Diego Community College offers upholstery classes as a form of job training. Presented through the school's continuing education program, the classes are designed to prepare participants to become entry-level upholstery helpers.

As a student, you can explore the various aspects of three courses: basic upholstery skills, automotive upholstery and household upholstery. You could learn about tool usage, shop practice and theory through practical instruction. The course will attempt to teach you to upholster footstools, benches and chairs.

Guilford Technical Community College

Located in North Carolina, the upholstery program at Guilford Community College can take up to two years to complete. The goal is to prepare you for a professional role in the upholstery industry.

Courses include practical studies in sewing and will explore basic pattern-making and cutting techniques. You could learn the basics of covering chairs, loveseats and sofas. Automatic cutting procedures might also be highlighted.

Capital Area Technical College

Located in Louisiana, Capital Area Technical College's upholstery courses emphasize shop safety, bench work and basic upholstery techniques. You might also take advanced courses in shop management, vehicle upholstery and furniture-making.

Coursework is used in practica, cooperative education and special project courses. There is also a course in entrepreneurship in case you are thinking about starting your own upholstery business.

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