What Is Career Education?

Career education helps a person develop the knowledge and skills they need to choose and pursue a career path. Read on to learn more about career education for students and adults.


Career education helps a student make informed decisions in developing a career. Instead of focusing on academic subjects, a student learns the tools of an occupation through hands-on training. Career education is accomplished through a variety of programs, such as adult education and employment training, mentoring programs and community education (www.dese.mo.gov). Each state has career centers that work with people in need of education options that are an alternative or addition to a college education. Information on these institutions can be found in on the official website of each state.

Career Education for Students

Undergraduate students can discuss career development with a career counselor. Career counselors help a student make informed decisions about internships and graduate schools (www.careereducation.columbia.edu). Help with developing resumes is also available. The Graduate Student Career Development Department of Columbia University Center for Career Education works with master's and Ph.D. students in developing a career.

Career Education for Adults

Adults seeking career education can do so through community colleges, county cooperative extension offices and employment offices. The University of Illinois Extension has Career Education programs that target groups ranging from immigrants to older adults (www.web.extension.uiuc.edu). The program targets a population that is underrepresented, such as minority groups or first-generation college students. The University of Illinois Extension also has an internship program that helps students in area colleges to work in urban neighborhoods, developing community programs and training for youths and adults.

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