What Is Marketing Management?

Marketing management is a combination of all the techniques and processes an institution uses to develop and implement its total marketing agenda. Find out more about education and careers in the field of marketing management. Schools offering Marketing Management degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Marketing Management Defined

Marketing management is what guides a firm's marketing plan through the use of accurate market knowledge, which is usually obtained through research and surveys, in a systematic approach. Thoroughly knowing a company's current market, setting realistic goals and targets, developing new market penetration strategies and implementing effective marketing plans within budget are all part of marketing management. In short, marketing management is a business component that makes and develops an institution's marketing strategy.


Marketing management is a formal academic discipline with degree and certificate programs available at many degree levels at colleges and universities. Supervisors, managers and executives currently involved in the marketing industry may obtain a marketing management certificate to focus, streamline and enhance the efficiency of their firm's marketing efforts. Other marketing professionals may obtain certificates for career advancement purposes.


There are several occupations that implement marketing management practices. The primary occupations are:

  • Marketing managers
  • Advertising managers
  • Promotions managers
  • Public relations managers
  • Sales managers

These managers look for potential markets and look to increase presence in existing markets. In addition, marketing managers develop pricing strategies and methods that balance a reasonable return on investment for their product with the price consumers are willing to pay. They also monitor the success of their efforts and market trends. To do this, marketing managers use a variety of financial, accounting and market research tools. Marketing managers often have bachelor's or master's degrees in business administration with concentrations in marketing or related fields.

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