What Is a College Course?

A college ccurse is a class offered by a college or university. These courses are usually part of a program leading to an undergraduate or graduate degree or a certificate. Read on for more specifics about college courses.

College Course Formats

On-Campus Courses

On-campus, or face-to-face, courses are usually presented in a lecture format where students attend a talk on a specific subject given by a professor or instructor. Some courses, especially those dealing with science, include a laboratory component where students partake in hands-on experiences. Other courses might be taught in smaller groups allowing for discussion and interaction between students and the instructor.

Online Courses

More and more college courses are available online. Online courses might include video lectures or presentations, interactive presentations, animation and text or recommended readings. Students might have some interaction with instructors and fellow students through email, online chat sessions or discussion boards. These courses are sometimes more work-intensive than face-to-face courses, and they require self-discipline and time management skills.

Subjects of College Courses

Courses are available on almost any subject. However, different institutions may offer more narrow choices. Colleges and universities offer degrees in specific areas that courses offerings fit within or complement as electives.

Where to Take College Courses

Courses are offered through community or junior colleges, state universities, online institutions and private colleges and universities. Students can find out about courses offered at a particular institution by searching the school's website or contacting the institution for a catalog of the courses available. Students can also use an online search tool, such as the National Center for Education Statistic's (NCES) College Navigator, to locate an institution offering a specific program of interest.

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