What's the Salary of a Registered Pharmacy Technician?

A registered pharmacy technician is essentially a pharmacy technician that has received state registration, which is required by most states. Read on to learn about the average annual salaries of pharmacy technicians as well as how the industry you work in, your years of experience and you certification status impacts your total income. Schools offering Pharmacy Technology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Average Salary Overview

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in May 2012, 353,340 people were employed as pharmacy technicians receiving average annual salaries of $30,430 (www.bls.gov). Additionally, PayScale.com reported that the total annual pay for pharmacy technicians ranged from $18,232-$37,713 in December 2013.

Salary Based on Industry

The BLS reported that health and personal care stores employed the biggest percentage of pharmacy technicians in May 2012. A total of 188,260 were employed in that industry, and these professionals received $28,940 per year on average. Also, 56,710 workers were employed in general and surgical hospitals earning average yearly salaries of $34,410. A total of 68,580 were employed in grocery stores, department stores and other general merchandise stores, and these individuals pulled in $29,060, $27,750 and $28,710 per year, respectively. The highest-paid pharmacy technicians worked for the federal executive branch of the government and earned $40,650 per year on average.

Salary Based on State

According to May 2012 BLS figures, pharmacy technicians earning the highest mean wages worked in the District of Columbia ($40,560), Washington ($39,630), Alaska ($39,520), California ($39,150) and Hawaii ($36,960). Lower mean wages of $20,240-$27,670 were earned in states that included Ohio, Oklahoma, Indiana, Georgia and Alabama.

Salary Based on Years of Experience

PayScale.com reported in December 2013 that pharmacy technicians with less than a year of experience earned $18,151-$40,800. Those with 10-19 years of experience earned approximately $23,426-$49,143. However, PayScale.com also found that only 62 of the 384 reporting individuals had 10-19 years of experience. This lack of professionals with higher years of experience is perhaps due to the fact that some pharmacy technicians advance to supervisory, sales or full-fledged pharmacist positions.

Salary Based on Certification

You can also choose to become certified through agencies like the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or the Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians. Except for a few select states, certification is by no means mandatory for employment, but PayScale.com reports that most certified pharmacy technicians reported receiving salaries ranging from $19,496-$37,542, as of December 2013.

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